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When James Cameron opened the Avatar arch with the acute words… “Welcome To Pandora” – not abounding could accept predicted the brief acceleration of the blur to one of the highest-grossing of all time (adjusted for inflation) (only surpassed by his added blockbuster – Titanic).

Widely admired a modern-day “Renaissance Man”, Cameron’s 40+ year career in the blur business, entrepreneurship and agenda architecture has brought the apple such masterpieces as Terminator, Rambo, Aliens, Accurate Lies, The Abyss, Titanic, Avatar and over a dozen documentaries accoutrement aggregate from the Bismarck to “The Lost Tomb of Jesus”.

The point is that Cameron – unbeknownst to him – is the quintessential archetype of the blazon of abandoned who’d accept acclimated a commonplace book even just 50 years ago.

Commonplace Books were meant as a apparatus through which humans would be able to agenda down ideas, quotes and thoughts throughout their day; a cantankerous amid a anthology and circadian journal.

The aberration amid a “commonplace book” and the cast of a account comes in the anatomy of how it’s acclimated by its curator:

  • A account is about passive, a third-party attack at accouterment acumen into one’s thoughts for the day – conceivably acquainted down feelings, contest and considerations.
  • A commonplace book is active – a direct apparatus acclimated by abounding of history’s “luminaries” as a way to collate, clarify and administer their ideas.

Now, it’s important to agenda that a “commonplace book” – although broadly axiomatic – was never in fact alleged as such; it was about in the anatomy of a “notebook” – which we can see acutely from the cast of Issac Newton and Leonardo da Vinci.

It’s absorbing to agenda that men who lived 100′s of years afar concluded up befitting “notes” in about in fact the aforementioned way. This “way” is what became accepted as a “commonplace book” – but was pretty-much a affray from the guys befitting the notes.

It agency that the action of “commonplacing” was apprenticed by a mindset – which concluded up seeping into every angle of the plan created by the assorted proprietors of altered commonplace systems.

It’s this mindset which lies at the bulk of a “digital” commonplace arrangement (designed by SGM + Ludvig Sunstrom). Whilst the software has its own way of alive – the key is compassionate how it works abaft the scenes. This tutorial looks to appraise that…

Digital Commonplace Systems

The “commonplace mindset” is what has apprenticed the development of a bulk of “digital” commonplace systems of late.

The key abaft this “mindset” is in actuality simple – advocate progress.

Most humans (in fact, this is why 99.9% never in fact do annihilation with their lives) are anxious with incremental progress. They accomplish aural the boundaries set by added people… be it in art, religion, civic or business. They conform.

Conformation is not a botheration in itself; it’s a adaptation apparatus acutely anchored in our brains. The botheration is that acquiescence stifles innovation; the following of “new”.

EVERY time we see aggressive advance (in some anatomy or another), we see a adventurous abandoned (or collective) who innovated.

Whilst the following of money, abundance or the ability may accept laid abaft these individuals; the bulk aspect of their anima that collection them was a faculty of admiration as to what was possible.

In a lot of cases, they saw that the majority of humans at the time had been accomplishing things either incorrectly, or acutely inefficiently… they endeavoured to advance the affair for good. This is why a lot of “genius” humans are in actuality acutely mercurial; they accept an basal abstraction of life/beauty and can’t angle anyone accepting in the way of it.

Commonplace systems are their way of ambidextrous with this process. Rather than absorption on things that accept “already been done”, they affair themselves with new ideas, notions and pursuits. They don’t settle, and are not ever anxious about the agronomics of abundance or money.

To this end, SGM’s architecture of the aboriginal “digital” commonplace arrangement ability accomplish some humans catechism its veracity… the arrangement is a apple abroad from what a “commonplace book” ability accept been advised centuries ago…

  • Focus on systems (not “strategies”) – the appliance is able to affix to *any* API abstracts and dispense it aural the system
  • Immersive experience – the software’s CORE focus is on putting the babysitter in a position to accept their “role” in association – compassionate area you in fact “fit” and what you’re able to change it
  • Proprietary data – demography heed of all the abstracts added to the system, assertive agenda commonplace accoutrement are able to administer proprietary abstracts into abnormally advisory systems

The key affair to acknowledge is that in EVERY angle of life, “systems” abide to accord with aggregate from how a Medieval alcazar would charge to accomplish to how you’re meant to behave at a business dinner.

What a lot of humans abridgement is the actual angle on how these “systems” are operating in their lives.

A “commonplace” (either alternation or digital) is in fact meant to accommodate acumen into these “systems” (some may alarm them “habits”) – ultimately culminating in the development of new ones.

The accuracy and abyss of the new systems created by the babysitter again determines whether these systems can be “marketed”. The marketability of the systems determines the ambit through which the user will be arise through society.


The a lot of important affair to altercate about SGM’s agenda commonplace in (particular) is its complete focus on cultivating a “role” for the user in question.

This could never accept been accomplished with cardboard abandoned – the abyss through which a user is able to actualize a contour (populate with the assorted API integrations they have), map out their accepted systems / habits and the basal attributes through which the arrangement is able to mange the growth, development and enhancement of the user’s branch (through agronomics of new systems / account and bigger positioning) gives the way in which the “digital” commonplace articles accept excelled.

The point is that if you’re able to “systematize” your activity – a lot of things become not so abundant a catechism of “if” but “how”.

If done correctly, a “modern” commonplace should acrylic a account of trade, aegis and opportunities for any beginning “Renaissance” man. The a lot of important affair it should do is focus the babysitter assimilate the development of articles that can be broadcast to a market.

We’re in an age now whereby advance is bent by the akin of adroitness one bestows assimilate work. Regardless of what “self help” woo-woo idiots will acquaint you, EVERYBODY has to work. There’s no “passive income” or “digital business” that works after your input. Sure, you can outsource assorted things… but in the end – you charge to be able to actualize something that anyone abroad wants to buy. The base you’ll go to accomplish this plan will actuate who and why they ambition to accord you money.

The better botheration today is that we’re in a war for our minds. EVERY alone day – we’re angry battles adjoin clutter food, convenience, simple living, brainless “investments”, “shortcuts” and all the added crap. I see it every alone day – hoards of customer idiots brought up into a apple area they accept in fact aught purpose, acumen or absorption in thriving. They are so bare of “connection” to the apple that they end up aggravating to ample the abandoned with video games, drugs and added gluttonous experiences. Even money doesn’t ample the void… it just provides added absorbing distractions.

The key affair that bent a lot of success belief of the accomplished revolved about two humans – anyone who invented a new abstraction / way of accomplishing things… and anyone who awash it. If you’re able to accede this, and administer it to your own activity – you should be able to abandon the hidden shackles that 21st aeon activity seems to accept imposed on the majority of the populace.

The way in which SGM’s Agenda Commonplace (in particular) did this was in actuality absolutely intriguing…

  1. Cultivation of a “digital world – through which the user is able to accede the TRUE attributes of their continuing in the world. Very agnate to “Europa Universalis”, it puts the user absolutely in the centermost of a all-inclusive trading authority (powered by their own data) – through which they’re able to advance new systems, breed resources, body alliances and administer assets to accompany about best levels of growth/development. This immersive attributes of the software is area the majority of the bulk amount has been acquired — with such allowances as admission to SGM’s “masters” contest and new systems getting the bulk contributor to the success of abounding users of the system.
  2. Development of custom “systems” – getting able to body a business, advance a brand, accompany a artefact to bazaar and a host of added concepts are getting developed continually. Accepting a commonplace arrangement which not abandoned gives acumen into these systems, but allows their babysitter to optimize and advance them, gives them a angle never-before possible.

The KEY is to accept that whilst “meteoric” success is acutely interesting; the “magic” of commonplacing can allure success for anyone in their lives.

A simple about-face from getting a conformist to an innovator not abandoned puts humans into a position of creation, but aswell ensures that you’re able to alpha compounding growth/success. This is the ambush a lot of “successful” humans active to acceleration through the ranks almost quickly.

Such systems as how to accumulate a claimed blog (and accomplish it successful), how to analyze opportunities and getting able to design.

How To Optimize

If you’re searching at developing your own commonplace arrangement – or even use one of the agenda variants accessible now – you charge to accede the key aspect that drives advance – innovation.

Innovation is not an approximate abstraction – it’s a bulk aspect of life. Aggregate from how you dress, to which movies (if any) you watch, is bent by how “innovative” you feel as an individual.

The better aspect of a “digital” commonplace you accept to accede is how it pushes “innovation” in a ambit of elements of life. Obviously, one can become acutely apparent about this – cerebration that you accept to “innovate” for the account of it (which is NOT accurate at all) – a advantageous compassionate of how you’re able to always advance in a claimed accommodation is in fact all it takes.

Having a simple “note demography app” is not traveling to do this. Nor is accepting some accidental “API affiliation tool” – the abyss and afflatus acquired from a agenda commonplace band-aid is what should be considered. No bulk of “optimization” is traveling to alter that.


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How To Build Multiple Streams Of Passive Income

Passive income, aswell accepted as alternating income, is a accepted appellation appropriate now, and it includes a advanced ambit of assets streams from rental properties, associates services, book or eBook sales, and more. The byword “passive income” can be inaccurate because there’s annihilation acquiescent about creating a acquiescent assets stream.

Recurring assets is artlessly an assets beck breadth you don’t barter your time for a specific bulk of money. It’s not time or activity based. It aswell takes plan to advance a acquiescent assets beck so it continues to accomplish you money.

You accept to proactively body and advance a acquiescent assets beck if you wish it to abide to acquire money for you for a continued aeon of time. The added plan and absorption you accord to assets streams, the added money it will accomplish you.

Membership Website

A associates website is a acceptable way to advance a altered association about the articles that you provide. Exclusivity sells, and this is no altered with a paid associates breadth on your website for associates to network, get altered content, and absolute admission to you.


If you’re an info-product creator, subscriptions are an accomplished way to body acquiescent assets streams. You can advertise subscriptions to your agreeable breadth humans subscribing accretion admission to consistently appear agreeable for as continued as their cable is available. It is abundant easier to accumulate approved barter with a subscription-based business model.


Although webinars are not a acquiescent assets source, accepting said that, you can almanac a webinar and again advertise admission to it. This can accomplish you money accustomed that the agreeable charcoal relevant. It can be stand-alone or be allotment of a course, subscription, or even in a array with several of your products.


There are several means to advance a advance to go alongside addition artefact you accept or as a stand-alone product. There are a amount of websites out there for advance creation, or you can accept to host your advance on your own site. You may aswell adopt to email a advance to customers.

Sponsorships and Ads

Sponsorships and ads are generally disregarded examples of acquiescent assets streams. You can advertise commercial spots on your website in set spaces either on your capital page or in the sidebars. Also, you can advertise sponsorships for alone posts or categories on your blog. If you accept a podcast, you can accept sponsors for anniversary adventure of your podcast.

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